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Published date: May 10, 2021
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Combining Inbound with Outbound Marketing

You might have heard about the change in customer behavior many times, especially at the end of 2020. You might have also noticed the changing customer behavior through the rise and fall of certain stocks in the stock market? Understanding customer behavior through the stock market??? Yes!!! Like what happened with Signal Advance Inc or Etsy, etc. Unlearning is a crucial aspect of successful marketing. Learn how combining Inbound with Outbound Marketing is the best to step forward to dynamicity

The rise in these stocks point a finger towards the changing trend of marketing, it reflects that people are believing a lot on the “word of mouth” form of marketing and also trusting the influencers they know or follow. Marketers need to be quick and strategize their marketing campaign according to the acceptance and response of their concerned target audience. Billboards??? Are they still effective? Yes, Maybe… but stock trends like Gamestop and Dogecoin that got overnight success are moving from the Internet to Highway Billboards.

Businesses that are getting this huge response because of influencer marketing or “word of mouth” form of marketing, are taking this opportunity to a whole new level by adding more marketing efforts of not only digital marketing or inbound marketing but also outbound marketing especially Billboard promotions. The recent news shows many Redditors were using Blip Billboards to do so. The GameStop Corp. surge may have stalled, but some investors are trying to keep the enthusiasm going in a new venue: highway billboards.

The now-famous WallStreetBets cartoon mascot, with his black shades and slicked-back hair, recently stretched his arms above the morning commuters on highway I-694 near Minneapolis and proposed “$GME to the moon!” GME is GameStop’s stock ticker. The electronic advertisement, featuring rocket emojis, is just one of more than 300,000 ads purchased across at least 30 states by people drawing inspiration from the WallStreetBets subreddit, said Kurt Tingey, senior vice president of business development for Blip Billboards.

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