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Published date: May 4, 2021
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Bottleneck of Marketing – Content Management

Building high-quality, personalized and relevant content at a high pace is one of the main concerns for businesses today. According to HubSpot, roughly 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing. As most of us know content bottleneck reduces the effectiveness of content marketing. So, check out how you can solve the biggest bottleneck of content marketing.

We all know that increasing the output of quality content has a tremendous impact on marketing efforts. We have all got a lot of content to produce. For the majority of us, there is more to do every year. It’s always great when that extra content generates more results. But if more content just means more stress it’s not so good. If your content marketing program is bringing with it too much stress recently, or if it’s had a flurry of avoidable mistakes, you might be seeing the symptoms of a friction point in your content marketing system (CMS). As most marketers call it, ‘a bottleneck’.

What is a content bottleneck?

A content bottleneck happens where demand for content exceeds the capability of an organization to deliver and meet that demand in a timely manner. While that’s simply stated, the factors and circumstances making bottlenecks are many and sometimes might not even be obvious:

- Requests exceed available resources.
- Content strategy isn’t used (or isn’t sufficiently detailed).
- Content silos make collaboration difficult if not impossible.
- Multiple tools are used to manage the process.
- Content assets are not easy to find.
- Stakeholders only know their part of the process.

This is the classic bottleneck. It is particularly hard on creative teams. Here is how it usually works: The creative teams put in overtime to make a deadline and get a finished piece to the executive’s desk. where it sits for at least a week.

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