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Masterbatch For Blowing Film Plastic Product Introduction:

Blow film grade black masterbatch used the high quality and strong tinting strength as the carbon black and additives. Its extruded by the High Speed Mixer and then pelletized. It makes the film less of the static point, very good of the blackness and the brightness.
Senior blown film Masterbatch is for ultra-thin products blow molding coloring, such as black plastic bags, black plastic film.
General blowing masterbatch is for general packaging bags blow molding coloring

masterbatch for blowing film plastic

Masterbatch For Blowing Film Plastic Product Parameters:

Index Value
Carrier PE/LLDPE/PP/EVA(Can be customized)
Moisture(<%)  0.1
MFI/MFR(190℃/21.6KG) 12-29g/10min
Appearance 2.5*3.0mm black taper granule
Temperature resistance 120℃-300℃
Recommended Diagnose 1%--8%
Carbon Black Content 10%--50%
Eco Friendly ROHS(SGS)
Dispersion High
Gloss grades High gloss
Volatility(<%) 0.1

Masterbatch For Blowing Film Plastic Product Applications:

Dry composite film, stretch film, film, shopping bags blowing film plastic etc.

Masterbatch For Blowing Film Plastic Product Advantage:

+ high brightness----we can make your products more brightness
+ high darkness----The high darkness makes your product black enough
+ The shape and size of masterbatch----We can produce the masterbatch that meets your mechanical use according to your requirement, and can change the shape and size of the masterbatch
+ little effect on mechanical property---- You can save most of your maintenance machinery costs
+ high covering----We ensure that the carbon black particles are uniformly covered in the production of the product
+ high content of carbon black----we can change the content of carbon black according to your requirement and make sure it doesn't cut corners
+ Non-toxic and environment-friendly----Our masterbatch uses environmental protection technology, you use medium to the environment less pollution, basically can not need to deal with that, save the environmental protection expense; It is safer to use,and ensure worker safety, let you have no worries .
+ staining strength----The product of our masterbatch will not have discoloration, which may save you from the commercial disputes caused by the discoloration of the product.

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