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Stillage Cage offer Movers & Packers

Stillage Cage

Movers & Packers - - CNY 10

Stillage cage, also named steel cage or storage cage.  The stillage cage provide the ultimate in protection and retention for a huge variety of products. Our storage cage are made of high quality stee...

Pegboard Display Stand offer Movers & Packers

Pegboard Display Stand

Movers & Packers - - CNY 10

Pegboard stand, also called pegboard rack or pegboard display stand.They consist of pegboard board, logo board and base.Feature1.This pegboard display stand for exhibiting, showing and promoting a var...

Grid Display Rack offer Movers & Packers

Grid Display Rack

Movers & Packers - - CNY 10

Grid stand, also called grid rack or grid display.Grid stand consist of grid panel and base.They are made of steel wire and with powder coated finished.Feature1.This grid stand for exhibiting, showing...

Grid Panel offer Movers & Packers

Grid Panel

Movers & Packers - - CNY 10

Grid panel displayFeature1.This grid panel for exhibiting, showing and storage goods2.Material: carbon steel wire3.Dimension: W24” x H72”,  610 x 1830mm4.Diameter of wire: 2.5, 3.0mm5.powder coated fo...

Stainless Steel Bag Stands offer Movers & Packers

Stainless Steel Bag Stands

Movers & Packers - - CNY 10

Bag display stands, also named handbag stands or handbag display stands, which is made of stainless steel and with silver brushed or mirror polished finishing.The height of this stainless steel bag di...

4 Sided Roll Container offer Movers & Packers

4 Sided Roll Container

Movers & Packers - - CNY 10

Description:The roll container, also named roll pallet or roll cage is good way for moving your goods or stocks from one place to another.This is a good idea for retail business and distribution cente...

Wire Shelving Cart offer Movers & Packers

Wire Shelving Cart

Movers & Packers - - CNY 10

Description:Wire shelving cart, also called wire cart, which is made of chrome plated steel wire and pipes.The depth of our wire cart is 18”, 21” or 24”, the width of our wire cart is 36”, 48”, 60” or...

Metal Hand Cart offer Movers & Packers

Metal Hand Cart

Movers & Packers - - CNY 10

Metal hand cart, also called steel hand cart, which is made of mild steel and with powder coated finishing. This 4 tiers metal hand cart is full welding structure and with four 4” casters, two fixed a...

Crowd Barriers offer Movers & Packers

Crowd Barriers

Movers & Packers - - CNY 10

The steel barricade, also named crowd barrier, which is the most effective product for managing large crowds, ideal for sports, events, concerts, airports, security. Welded steel construction make thi...

Metal Workbench offer Movers & Packers

Metal Workbench

Movers & Packers - - CNY 10

Heavy duty workbench with tools panel and tools cabinet. The advantages derived from the bench work front panel and to be added to those above mentioned of the standard bench work, as it offers the po...