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EASPRAY Regular Film Coatings offer Festivals

EASPRAY Regular Film Coatings

Festivals - - CNY 28

The Formula The use of optimally proportional HPMC and other polymers as themain film forming materials ensures that EASPRAY® Regular Film Coatings havegood solubility and mechanical properties. GAI...

Styrene Butadiene Rubber Latex offer Festivals

Styrene Butadiene Rubber Latex

Festivals - - CNY 2

Our company supply SBR Latex,Powder,Granule which mainly used in emulsified asphalt,cement,waterproof,middle and top grade carpet,liner of the acupuncture carpet cementing material etc...

PVA Film Coatings ISO offer Festivals

PVA Film Coatings ISO

Festivals - - CNY 28

Application Properties of GMI: 1.Products with high performance on moisture-proof, which is superior to traditional moisture-proof coating material, and the coating film weight gain does not influenc...

EASCOL Enteric Film Coatings offer Festivals

EASCOL Enteric Film Coatings

Festivals - - CNY 32

It applies to the dosage forms (tablets, capsules, granules, pellets, etc.) require keeping intact in stomach and disintegrating or dissolving in intestine. Such series of enteric coatings take cellul...