Thursday 8 December 2016
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Pet Hyperbaric Chamber For Wound Healing -CNY 10

Publish Date: 30-11-2016 20:46:16 | Contact name: XuYun | Location: CHINA | Place: 2F,B1 building, No.759,Yanping Road,Songjiang | 7 times displayed |

Watching your pet struggle with a health condition that does not seem to be improving, no matter which treatments are performed, can make you feel helpless.Fortunately, more and more veterinarians are gaining access to a treatment that appears to speed the healing process in pets with certain chronic and acute conditions—hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Although many animal hospitals are not yet equipped to administer hyperbaric oxygen therapy to pets, the trend is spreading quickly and will likely reach a veterinary clinic near you in the future.The following is a list of some conditions in veterinary medicine currently being treated with HBOT often in addition to conventional therapies:Wound healing- large wounds that would take months to heal can heal much more rapidly and cleanly- saving money and livesAbscesses: oxygen and antibiotic penetration into areas otherwise poorly penetrable.Fractures - post fracture pain, swelling and infection are helped as well as fibroblast stimulation and healing.Thermal Burns - healing is improved, infection diminished, increased survival rates overall for burn victims is proven.Skin grafts and flaps: flaps and grafts heal better and take better without infection or excessive inflammation. Neovascularization and decreased inflammation are tremendous help in healing.Spider bites: initial swelling and necrosis does not occur or reverses rapidly with HBOT intervention.Osteomyelitis: proven improved fibroblast function, antibiotic levels in bone and healing.Poisonings (carbon monoxide, cyanide etc.)- Oxygen quickly replaces CO and other noxious gasses. A common use in human ER's.Lyme Disease- the organism cannot survive the hyperbaric environmentHepatic, renal and bowel inflammation -post-operative inflammation of bowel, post-bloat or post-obstruction occurs and diminishes chances of sepsis and decreases effusion.Decreases reperfusion injuryPain management- swelling decreases, oxygenation improves, enhances function of some pain medications.Post intervertebral disc herniation especially with "no deep pain" sensation- patients not deemed surgical candidates or patients who cannot afford surgery or did not respond well to surgery are helped tremendously. Please see web site for a video.Pancreatitis, particularly when associated with severe edema and hemorrhage- reduction in pain, swelling of pancreas and improved healing. Abdominal sepsis-particularly when associated with mixed bacterial infection: decreased inflammation, improved penetration of antibiotics to all areas of bowel and within peritoneal fluid, improved healing.Brain and spinal cord edema and injury or compression and Degenerative myelopathy- marked edema reduction returns patients to consciousness and can reverse damage to brain and cord quickly.        PACKING & DELIVERY Chamber Cabin+Accessories
     Carton Dimension:
     78*60*62  cm=0.29  CBM
     Weight:45  KgOxygen Pressure Equipment
     Carton Dimension:
     54*38*42cm=0.09  CBM
     Carton Dimension
   Weight:6Kg1.Delivery time: Packages will be sent in 5-10working days after getting payment.2.Will send by FEDEX/DHL/UPS/TNT, door to door service.   

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