Friday 18 January 2019
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Is Reading Spiritual or Religious Books Worth Your Time? -USD 10,451

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The Books On Spirituality facilitates spiritual teachings and 15 Minute Manifestation gives us spiritual directions. But, by mere reading about the principles and indulging in shallow spiritual discussions and conversations, people often feel that they are growing spiritually and have become saintly. It is a grave mistake to think thus. Spiritual growth actually comes from leading a spiritual life. It is like walking to a dinner table full of delightful food and satisfying our hunger pangs by just looking at it. We need to eat, digest and assimilate the food to feed our stomach and preserve our body. MSimilarly, when we learn to assimilate the spiritual principles in our daily lives, they nourish our mind and body, and help us sustain our spiritual nature. Books On Spirituality teaches us how to live following the spiritual commandments in every moment of our life. MWe live in this world to perform the duties of life. Yet, our real purpose of life is to understand our eternal relationship with the Divine. We must feel the presence of the unseen force that is continuously working around us both within and without. We have to awaken our own inner Self. This is the aim of all Books On Spirituality. Its essence signifies our union with the Divine. Until and unless we achieve this union we will not have any sense of security within us. And without feeling safe and secure we cannot really enjoy our life.

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