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Keto 6tm Swell from hunger - this is where the
given expression comes from. That is why you cannot go hungry on a diet, as
this leads to such negative consequences. It is worth noting that a breakdown
with too low-calorie diet is a guaranteed effect, proven by more than a dozen
studies. The body can always overcome your willpower and discipline. The
nervous system and the brain are successfully fighting starvation, evolution
has taught us that. Therefore, if you think that it is YOU who will be able to
overcome breakdowns, and hold out for a long time on a low-calorie diet - you
are mistaken. What will happen after you gain weight and look worse? - Truly,
you again will sit down on a diet, and make it even tougher, in order to reset
a new fat faster. But the end you already know - another breakdown. Endless
vicious circle. Loss of muscle tissue - the less muscle you have, the less
calories you spend. That is, after unsuccessful weight loss you will have to
reduce the rate of calories, because the muscles will be smaller. Eating even
less food will be even harder, which will increase the risk of breakdowns. But
to return the muscles will be very difficult. Loss of lymphoid tissues - an
emergency shortage of calories leads to a loss of lymphoid tissues, which
impairs the work of the whole organism. There is a weakness, shortness of
breath, etc. Fasting is 100% disruption, and after the breakdown there is a
vicious circle, also known as the “yo-yo effect”. The development of food
depression - food does not bring pleasure, I want to eat a lot, stress from
excess weight and all the corresponding problems. What to do? Determine the
rate of calories or consult a nutritionist; Make a deficit of no more than 20%
of your norm - this guarantees you a stable, comfortable weight loss as much as
possible; Add physical activity to eat more, or do not change your diet

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