Tuesday 19 February 2019
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Exactly When Should You Begin Your Career Path? -USD 10,451

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Recently I was asked, "When should you begin to think about a Manifestation Magic career path High School College Graduate School After working a few years" Maybe you think you should work between high school and college to explore the world of work. Maybe you should know what you want to study before going to college so that you have your career path established before you spend thousands of dollars on your education. Or maybe you should use your college years as the time to explore career options. Each person is unique and development does not have a straight path. Career development is no exception. What if I said your career development begins as soon as you learn to walk, talk and imitate those around you Would you think I'm crazy or does that make sense to you.

Career development is part of human development. It begins at birth and continues as you master more and more skills throughout your life. Today is a different day. Years ago, a person would decide on a career and stay with it working for thirty to forty years in the same field for their entire working career. Today, it is not unusual for people to change careers two or even three times in their working years. Career development does not move forward in straight line. You need time to understand who you are, what you enjoy, what interests you, what you feel are your strengths and weaknesses and what kind of lifestyle you want to live. All of these things take time to explore, evaluate and plan. This takes years! When do you begin You began at birth!

I used to joke that my daughter was forty since she was four years old. As a small child she showed characteristics that could be considered career skills. She liked to be in charge so you knew since she was four she would be a leader and a take charge kind of person. She also loved to help others. She was the eldest of my three children and loved to help her younger sister and brother with whatever they were doing. She was obviously a born leader, a teacher, a helper, a service oriented type of personality. I knew very early on, whatever career path she chose it would include working with people, offering some type of help to others, she would be in charge and I believed she would be in some type of teaching capacity.


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