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Hydraulic tube fittings and adapters offer Toys - Games

Hydraulic tube fittings and adapters

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Hydraulic tube fittings and adapters are a reliable leak-free, metal to metal connections. It is often found in hydraulic tubing system, hydraulic steel tube is made of cold drawn, and annealed sea...

Flare tube fitting adapters offer Toys - Games

Flare tube fitting adapters

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Flare tube fitting adapters is a reliable leak free, the metal to metal connection of tubing and piping system, it is one type of compression fittings. Assembly way is, a flare nut to secure the fl...

Diesel fuel line fittings adapters offer Toys - Games

Diesel fuel line fittings adapters

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fuel line fittings diesel diesel fuel line banjo fittings diesel fuel line compression fittings diesel fuel pipe fittings high pressure diesel fuel lines fuel tank connector braided diesel fuel ...

Weld tube Fittings Stainless steel offer Toys - Games

Weld tube Fittings Stainless steel

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Weld tube Fittings is one common connection of hydraulic tubing, piping system, weld is a metalworking technique, by welding tube fittings to be permanent connection. It is a strength and reliability ...

JIS hydraulic fittings adapters offer Toys - Games

JIS hydraulic fittings adapters

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JIS hydraulic fittings is from Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS), all jis fittings adapters is for hydraulic hose assemblies by JIS B8363. sealing is by male 60 deg cone seat female swivel nut, it i...

BSP Hydraulic Fittings adapters offer Toys - Games

BSP Hydraulic Fittings adapters

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BSP hydraulic fitting is from BS 5200:1997 standard, all BSP fitting end is machined with 60 degree cone and BSPP thread, it connecting rigid and flexible tubing to hydraulic fluid power system. BSP h...

Wack-A-Pack Self Inflating Balloons offer Toys - Games

Wack-A-Pack Self Inflating Balloons

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self inflating balloonsThe self inflating balloons is a product full of surprises. It has the latest design concepts. And it has passed the safety test of the highest standard EN71 of toys, environmen...

Metric hydraulic fittings offer Toys - Games

Metric hydraulic fittings

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Most popular DIN metric hydraulic fittings in Europe and China. Metric hydraulic fittings is one of most popular fluid connectors, to connect hydraulic tube, hose and thread port to each other. Th...

Ferrule tube fittings offer Toys - Games

Ferrule tube fittings

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Ferrule tube fittings types is most popular of tubing or piping connection system. Ferrules is for sealing and tube gripping functions without welding operation. Tube fittings types connection have NP...

Industrial Tube Fittings offer Toys - Games

Industrial Tube Fittings

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Industrial tube fittings adapters is, a variety of fittings with different sealing methods to meet all of your application needs. Jiayuan prodvide tube fittings for many indusrial as follows: Aer...