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Sensor Trash Can offer Toys - Games

Sensor Trash Can

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1.This product is stainless steel / color steel body anti-fingerprint technology, available semi-dry cloth to clean. 2.Since the product contains electronic components, the use of the environment as ...

Waste Paper Bin offer Toys - Games

Waste Paper Bin

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Product battery care and precautions: Please note that the battery is installed in the order of positive and negative. Incorrect installation will lead to the product unable to work. This product ado...

Ash Bin With Lid offer Toys - Games

Ash Bin With Lid

Toys - Games - - CNY 10

This convenient bin has an infrared sensor that allows the lid of the bin to open freely. When you are cooking or playing with your child, it keeps your hands clean. It also helps prevent pollution, t...

Trash Bin Covers offer Toys - Games

Trash Bin Covers

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Operating mode: Standby mode - When the switch is turned on, the cover will close and the red light on the LCD will blink once for about 12 seconds. Sensing mode - when the object or hand placed in ...

Wastebasket offer Toys - Games


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The battery of the smart sensor trash can: Please pay attention to the installation order of the positive and negative electrodes of the battery. Improper installation will cause the product to fail...

Trash Cans offer Toys - Games

Trash Cans

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Sensing range: This product uses infrared sensing technology to control the lid open and closed. When the object or the hand is placed in the sensing area, the product lid will open automatically and...

Dustbin For Bathroom offer Toys - Games

Dustbin For Bathroom

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The intelligently-inductive non-contact trash can is a perfect garbage container that creates a sterile, odor-free, automated environment. With its smart features and sophisticated design, this rubbis...

Rubbish Bin Cover offer Toys - Games

Rubbish Bin Cover

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1. This product stainless steel / color steel barrel body using anti-fingerprint process, use a semi-dry soft cloth to clean. 2. As this product contains electronic components, the use of the environ...

Trash Bin With Lid offer Toys - Games

Trash Bin With Lid

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Product advantages: 1. New automatic sensor trash, a high-tech, environmentally friendly intelligent product. High-toughness PP / ABS material. 2.2. The lid will walk near a trash can within 30cm. N...

garbage bin offer Toys - Games

garbage bin

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1. This is a simple smart sensor trash can automatically open and close the lid 2. When you walk to the front of it, about 30 centimeters, it will automatically open and when you leave it will automa...